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line card using p1020 processor using ramboot

Question asked by Amruth Pattanada on Sep 24, 2014
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I am trying to bring up line card using p1020 processor. I am currently using p1020 rdb reference board. For line card no u-boot code is present in flash. How do we bring up board using DDR  taking reference board as starting point. For reference board how do we compile u-boot for RAM boot there is no option except sd card. How do we compile the code for booting using DDR . I am able to run hardware tests on DDR upto 1GB after using p1020rdb_init_core.tcl. I can import u-boot code to any location on DDR using JTAG. How do we start u-boot from DDR. I see that code gets into exception after setting PC to reset vector say 0x1107fffc and it does not work. At reset vector I see ba instruction pointing to some ffffffa8, Any pointers will help.



Amruth p.v