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Automotive Microcontroller Selection

Question asked by Jacob Anderson on Sep 24, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2014 by CarlosCasillas

Hello everyone!


First post on this forum, so please have mercy.


I am looking for a microcontroller to be used in an automotive application to display data coming in via CAN bus. We would like to design a user interface from the ground up using the Qt application and run this application using Linux on our selected microcontroller. Additionally, we would like to have bluetooth wireless connectivity integrated into this same board. This board will also have SD card storage capabilities. The user will interface with this device via a capacitive touch screen in which they can arrange items on screen as they would like.


I have looked into the i.MX as well as the S12HZ microcontroller, but unsure as to which will best fit my needs. The display will have graphics and animations that make for a seamless user experience.


This design is also being used for a school project, so with that being said, an evaluation board is heavily encouraged. Is there such a board out there that can make our lives easier?


What advice and/or suggestions can you supplement us with?


Thanks for your help guys!