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Porting CodeWarrior project to KDS: any suggestions?

Question asked by Luca Ognibene on Sep 24, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2014 by Erich Styger

Hello everybody!


I'm currently working with CW 10.5 with a MCU Kinetis K60 (MK60DN256ZVLL100 precisely) and I planned to move to KDS.

In my project I'm using Processor Expert and various "complex" components such USB stack (Freescale V4.1.1), SDCard and FatFS (from the great Erich Styger :-)  ).


In my porting experiments I solved a few problems regarding compiler/assembler (eg. the GCC Assembler wants __asm__("op") instead of asm("op"), compiler search paths, etc ) and don't use space in project folder names (this leads to file not found).


I proceeded this way:

- I started a new KDS project with the same characteristics of the original CW project (MCU, PE-based project).

- I added and set the same PE components in KDS, copying the same parameters components have in CW.

  I noticed a couple of fields more in the USB_DEVICE_STACK: Synchronization Type and a doubled Max Packet Size field (inside Configuration Descriptor).

  Moreover another Referenced_Component that wasn't there in CW: CS (CriticalSection - what's this?): it's needed by TimeOut and GenericTimeDate components used by FatFS.


I'm currently stuck on compiler problems on the USB stack sources.

I noticed that the PDD files from CW and KDS are different, but I'm not aware of what this implies (if someone can explain what these files are for).


In another experiment I hoped, somehow, that since the same MCU, once I include the Generated_Code from CW, everything would run correctly into KDS, but it's not (expected PE generated files would just set hardware registers directly).


If you have any clues/suggestions let me know.

    Luca O.