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Flash Driver is not writing into 0x80F00,801F00 etc

Question asked by Kotteeswaran G S on Sep 23, 2014
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I am using K70 Microcontroller - MK70FN1MOVMJ12.

I want to write DDR to Flash. I am using Flash driver - flash_kinetis.c (I tried latest driver , but it is not writing to the flash at all, so I have used old driver -atleast it writes into flash)


If I mention my flash start address 0x8000 and the length is 256 . It is writing the all the locations(every 0x100) except

0x80F00,0x81F00,0x82F00 etc


I dont know why the flash driver is not writing to the specific location 0x80F00 (next 256 data is only 0xFFFFFFFF),0x81F00 etc (I see AccErr when I debug).

My code is this:



length = 256;

ram_data = (unsigned long*)0x70000000;



         ram_data[mn] =  mn;



length >>= 2;


for(original_address.complete = 0x80000;original_address.complete < 0x90000;original_address.complete = original_address.complete+0x100)


            write_flash_ret = WRITE_FLASH_FUNC(original_address.complete, (LWord*)ram_data, length);




Please have a look on the above and let me know your response.





Kotteeswaran G S