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Bus Fault Exception on accessing internal flash

Question asked by Bjoern Johannesson on Sep 23, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2018 by Julien Blanc

We're using a Kinetis K61 which causes a Bus Fault Exception (exception 5) when accessing a location in the internal flash (address 0xC0010).


As far as I can tell from UM, the Kinetis Internal Flash does not have any error detection or correction, correct? Yet I get the exception, how??. I've been searching high and low for any register flags pointing me to more details but there seems to be none. I've tried turning off cache the whole internal flash area without any difference. The area is corrupt but how can the K61 know that without ECC? BTW, the debugger also fails reading that same address. Mind boggling


The exact instruction that causes it and a printout from my UnhandledException handler which prints information at time of crash:

0x0809EB58 E8B15018  LDM           r1!,{r3-r4,r12,lr}



10:32:33.479> >Unhandled Exception!

10:32:33.479> SP:   0x1FFFCAF8

10:32:33.479> PC:   0x0809EB58(0x5018E8B1)

10:32:33.479> LR:   0x080C905B

10:32:33.479> PSR:  0x61000000

10:32:33.479> IRQ:  0 BASEPRI: 0x00

10:32:33.479> TASK: 30

10:32:33.479> ICSR: 0x00000805->Act:5,Pend:0

10:32:33.479> CFSR: 0x00008200 FSTAT:80

10:32:33.479> FAR:  0x000C0010<-Valid

10:32:33.479> SHCSR: 0x00070002

10:32:33.479> HFSR:  0x00000000 MCG: 0x0040026C

10:32:33.479> DFSR:  0x00000000 PMC: 0x00042231

10:32:33.479>   R0:  0x1FFFCB60 R7: 0x00000004

10:32:33.479>   R1:  0x000C0008 R8: 0x1FFFCB60

10:32:33.662>   R2:  0x00000000 R9: 0x000C0028

10:32:33.662>   R3:  0x00000038 R10: 0xAAAAAA1E

10:32:33.662>   R4:  0x6946794D R11: 0x00000000

10:32:33.662>   R5:  0x00000020 R12: 0x00000000

10:32:33.662>   R6:  0x000C0008 PSR: 0x61000000

10:32:33.662>  (LR:  0xFFFFFFFD PSR: 0x60000005)


10:32:33.662> DDRCR30:00000001 IABR[0]:00000000

10:32:33.662> MCM_ISR:00020000 IABR[1]:00000000

10:32:33.662> MCM_FAD:28AA0020 IABR[2]:00000000

10:32:33.662> MCM_FAT:000001B3 IABR[3]:00000000

10:32:33.662> MCM_FDR:A8118003 MPU_CES:0001

10:32:33.662> DMA0_ES:00000000 MPU_ED0:00000000,EA0:00000000

10:32:33.662> DMA0_ER:00000000 MPU_ED1:00000000,EA1:00000000

10:32:33.662> SPI0_SR:C0004100 MPU_ED2:00000000,EA2:00000000

10:32:33.662> SPI1_SR:C2020303 MPU_ED3:00000000,EA3:00000000

10:32:33.662> SPI2_SR:00000000 MPU_ED4:00000000,EA4:00000000