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Compiler warnings. Help needed!

Question asked by Miguel Allende on Sep 23, 2014


I'm compiling a big code using the motor control toolbox and I receive a message in the matlab command window while compiling:


#   Optimizer computes it would need more than 172M of memory to compute 

#   memory def-use chains.  Some optimizations disabled

#   Limit currently set to 150M

#   Increase limit using '#pragma opt_usedef_mem_limit 172'


The .elf file is generated but the microcontroller doesn't start. If I modify the code (deleting some tables) the warning disappear and the microcontroller works. The .elf dile is 661kB and the micro memory is 1MB so I'm not running out of memory.

Do anyone knows how to increase this limit for compiling the complete code?.


Thanks in advance.