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Booting IMX51 from SD/MMC(klm8g2fe3b-b001)

Question asked by Arctic Wang on Sep 22, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2014 by Arctic Wang

Hi All,

I am using IMX51 and  boot it from SD/MMC(klm8g2fe3b-b001) successfully,but someday i make a wrong eboot menu lead to uable to restart and no output in serial console,but  I can burn  burn right image file byAdvanced tookit successfully.why?

Wrong eboot menu configuration that i make,below.

Freescale iMX SOC Menu Item 
[0] IP Address :
[1] Set IP Mask :
[2] Boot Delay : 3
[3] DHCP : Disabled
[4] Reset to Factory Default Configuration
[5] Select Boot Device : NK from SD/MMC
[6] Set MAC Address : FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF
[7] Format OS NAND Region
[8] Format All NAND Regions
[9] Bootloader Shell
[I] KITL Work Mode : Interrupt
[K] KITL Enable Mode : Disable
[P] KITL Passive Mode : Disable
[S] Save Settings
[D] Download Image Now
[L] Launch Existing Flash Resident Image Now
[E] Select Ether Device : FEC
[M] MMC and SD Utilities

Selection: M

Freescale iMX SOC Menu Item 
[A] eMMC 4.3 Boot Partition : Disabled / Not Available
[B] eMMC 4.3 Boot Partition Size : 2048 Kbytes
[S] eSD 2.1 Boot Partition : Disabled / Not Available
[D] eSD 2.1 Boot Partition Size : 0 Kbytes                                     (error chose)
[C] Create File System Partition on SD/MMC Boot Card                      (right chose)
[F] Format All SD/MMC Regions
[R] Return to Main Menu


Right chance is C,but I chose the wrong chance A or Bor Sor D,I can't remeber it.when i chosed it ,the board can't start normally,and a serial port can't print anything,but I can burn burn right image file by Advanced tookit successfully in download mode.why?