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No success connecting Kinetis K to P&E Multilink

Question asked by Jorge d'Avila on Sep 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by Kiyoshi Matsuzaki

Hi, guys,


I'm trying to connect a Kinetis MK10DX128VLL7 to P&E Multilink Universal, with no success. I'm using:

- CodeWarrior 10.6;

- Bareboard Project, configured for PnE U-Multikink Connection, default settings;

- Multilink Port G (mini-10), P&E-supplied cable;

- Connections direct from Port G TMS, TCK, TDO, TDI, RESET, GND and TVCC to the Kinetis PTA3/TMS, PTA0/TCLK, PTA2/TDO, PTA1/TDI, PTA5/TRST, GND e VCC, respectivelly.

When I connect the Multilink to the Kinetis board via port G, Multilink to computer via USB and power up the board, the Multilink blue and yellow LEDs light, signaling it is properly connect to the USB, and the target is powered up.

Still, when I launch the Codewarrior debugger, it reports no connection to the target.


Please enlighten me... what am I doing wrong?