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imx6 tvp5150 camera screen rolling and active frame

Question asked by Grayhill Inc on Sep 18, 2014
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We have a imx6 platform with a tvp5150 sensor.  Camera input is NTSC BT656 syncs embedded, interlaced. Linux kernel is version 3.0.35.

I am using the mxc_v4l2_overlay.out test app, and the camera output is displayed successfully on the LCD.

But I have run into a screen rolling problem when setting the active frame (active top in particular) using the applications crop parameters.

setting crop left using -il command line option - this works as expected.

Setting crop top using -it command line option - this works only for two values(-it 3, and -it 4), the rest of the values cause the screen to roll.


Acc to the v4l2 documentation, we should be able to crop the input frame as desired (within the sensor frame bounds).  So why does setting the -it (active_top) to a value that's not 3 or 4 cause the screen to roll?

How can I crop the input frame?

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