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Having problems with HelloWorld tutorial

Question asked by Jeff Verive on Sep 18, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2014 by Mike Bisch

I'm running KDS with CygWin GCC, and running into problems with the HelloWorld tutorial. When I try to build the project, I get this as console output:


14:42:39 **** Incremental Build of configuration Debug for project HelloWorld ****

make all

make: Nothing to be done for `all'.



14:42:39 Build Finished (took 172ms)


Is there another file I need to download and install in the CygWin installation? I downloaded and installed gcc, gdb, and make, just like the instructions told me to do. I'd really like to make it through the tutorial before I start banging my head on other issues. This is frustrating, though I think I'm making progress!