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how to open an existing project

Question asked by KEVIN KRATZER on Sep 18, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2014 by Erich Styger

I have a program written using Kinetis Design Studio. I have saved a previous versions by copying to new file names, because I am new to Kinetis. For some reason when doing a build on the most recent software an error came up in a generated file that was never edited. Rather than waste time, I closed the project and decided to open an earlier version and make any minor changes needed.

     Using Switch Workspace, I can set the workspace to the folder that needs to be opened. Having done that, there is nothing that will open the entire project. There are all kinds of ways to create projects, folders and ect, but not to open a previously made project.  What steps do I need to take to open the project that I need to get into?