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Post-build commands

Question asked by David Sherman on Sep 18, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2014 by David Sherman

I am trying to invoke objcopy directly, because I'm trying to generate two S-record files.  I have a specific section which will be located in an external EEPROM that needs to be stripped.  In the help file, it says multiple commands can be separated by semicolons. I can use either of these lines individually:


${cross_prefix}objcopy -O srec -j.nvdata --change-section-address .nvdata=0x0 program.elf program_eeprom.srec

${cross_prefix}objcopy -O srec -R.nvdata program.elf program_main.srec


Either of these alone will generate the correct S-record file.  However, if I try to put them both in the post-build command box with a semicolon separating them, nothing happens.


I could make a batch file that gets called and does these two operations, but I'd like to avoid having the path to the Gnu tools hard-coded in it.