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IMX6Q heating issue

Question asked by Vinod Kumar on Sep 18, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2014 by igorpadykov


    we are developing product with IMX6Q processor MCIMX6Q6AVT10AC & PMIC MMPF0100F0EP.



When Video is playing through HDMI output of IMX6Q processor, processor is heating to much.



But when we run same video with Sabre SD development board, processor temperature is normal.



We measured processor ARM core & SOC supply.

In Sabre SD development board, At boot up time PMIC Voltage output to ARM core & SOC is 1.375V.

Once boot up is over,  PMIC Voltage output to ARM core & SOC is reducing to 1.250V.



But in our development board, PMIC Voltage output is not reducing to 1.250V after boot up.



We are using MMPF0100F0EP which is pre programmed PMIC, where in Sabre SD Evaluation board, non programmed PMIC part number is MMPF0100NPEP.