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I2C3 not working in kernel 3.0.35 from (IMX6_KK442)

Question asked by Ashok p on Sep 17, 2014

Hi ,

I am using Kernel version 3.0.35. This is the kernel from IMX6 freescale Android kitkat version.


The i2cdect command from serial console is not listing any i2c devices in I2C bus 3. The other i2c buses 1 and 2 are working fine.


I probed the SCL ans SDA lines of I2C3 i didn't see any signals when i access the i2C3 bus using i2c tools


Is I2C3 is tested in the kernel version 3.0.35 from (IMX6_KK442)?


I want to cross check the I2C physical address. Please let me know which file i can cross check for  3.0.35 kernel version. This kernel version don't have support for device tree.


Also i want to take the I2C3 register dumps. Please let me know if any idea on this