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Kinetis Parametric Search missing full UART capability

Question asked by Mark Butcher on Sep 17, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2015 by Mau Gloria Rivera

Hi Freescale


I gave a company advice about choosing a processor for a new project. One of the main criteria was that it should have at least 5 UARTs.

So I told them to check out the K-family and choose the type that best suited.


To my surprise I later heard that they abandonned this path since no Kinetis devices had more than 4 UARTs, which is of course incorrect because there are a number with 5 or 6 UARTs.


For their research they used the Kinetis parametric search:


And indeed this only allows up to 4 UARTs to be selected as parameter and so they obviously gave up looking further.


This is a bit of a shame because Freescale makes chips that would have been perfect for the job but trip up prospective customers at the start gate since they can't (simply) get the information that they need to make initial decisions as to whether they should look more deeply or not.


I would at least add extra UARts to the search.