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OpenGL / ES debug on imx6 latest dora build (3.0.35)

Question asked by Peter Suciu on Sep 17, 2014
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I have an image (fsl-image-gui) built with Yocto. When I try to run a custom opengl app on it via GUI (double click on icon in file manager), the app runs fine, producing the expected graphical output. When I try running the same app via remote process launch from Eclipse, it fails to run OpenGL code, as in it cannot find the source to execute, like some weird linkage problem. Here is the snippet in question:


// initialize EGL display object

GLDisplay = eglGetDisplay( EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY );

if ( !GLDisplay )


     LOG__PRINT_ERROR( "Bad display object!" );


     // TODO: Add error here



eglInitialize ( GLDisplay, NULL, NULL );

// ..


While in debug mode (gdb-remote attached to locally transfered code and executed app/process), eglGetDisplay executes fine and returns a valid display object. However, eglInitialize fails to execute with no source (jumps to 0x0000).


Zhujun Wei


Daiane Angolini