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converting between Little Endian and Big Endian for signed int, float values ?

Question asked by Amit Kumar on Sep 17, 2014
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I am using K60 uc with CW 10.6. Using structure I am storing some values and printing it. The datatypes present in the structure has signed int, unsigned int 32, float.... When I am printing it , the values are appearing to be flipped(as uc is little endian). I tried converting it so that It appears in Big Endian form  but it didn't worked well.


Firstly I tried using    __builtin_bswap32();           // Present in GCC compiler

It works fine for uint32_t .but It didn't worked for float values.


then I tried using  

ntohl();           //Network to Host byte order (Long)
();          //Host to Network byte order (Long)


for this I didn't new what header files to include, and so it didn't worked.



then I searched ARM's website and got a document but again this was not for single value. and didn't worked. 


Is there any command which does this ??

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Amit Kumar