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[help] how to let my 5213evb work standalone? and some questions

Discussion created by Michael QIAO on Sep 13, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2009 by ian lovatt
hi dear all ,   I am a student and working on freescale's 5213EVB now , I made some programs on that and succeed on debug , and now i found that i can not program the flash now , I d like to let it work alone , it supposed to start to run automatically if i plug the power, the programs and all functions should be in flash ,and put variables in ram , how to set this? i d like to see it works alone but i do not know how to set it now ... can anybody help me please?
I saw some configurations in lcf file in my project  and I set some parameters , it does not help...
or anybody can give me some example to show me how to do this? (I saw 2 examples from the disk , but seems helpless)
btw , I d like to set heap size, I think it is same thing to set in the lcf file, and i tried , but it seems no effect... how to set heap size plz?
thanks for any help!
sincerely yours