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About a file programing RGMII register for AndroidKK4.4.2 of MX6-SABRE-SD

Question asked by yuuki on Sep 15, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2014 by igorpadykov

Dear all,


Our customer changed registers of RGMII by using memtool.


memtool -32 0x20e0790=0x000c0000
memtool -32 0x20e0380=0x0001b020
memtool -32 0x20e0384=0x0001b020
memtool -32 0x20e038c=0x0001b020
memtool -32 0x20e0390=0x0001b020
memtool -32 0x20e0394=0x0001b020
memtool -32 0x20e0398=0x0001b020
memtool -32 0x20e0370=0x0001b020
memtool -32 0x20e0374=0x0001b020
memtool -32 0x20e0378=0x0001b020
memtool -32 0x20e037c=0x0001b020
memtool -32 0x20e036c=0x0001b020
memtool -32 0x20e0388=0x0001b020

They want to implement such registers setting to AndroidKK4.4.2.


Which file should these setting be programed by?
Would you teach this file name and the position?


Best Regards,