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Configuring EHCI USB-OTG using Yacto project(kernel version 3.10.17-r0) on imx6q-sabreauto.

Question asked by Gaurav Pandya on Sep 15, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2014 by CarlosCasillas

Hi All,


I am new to free-scale platform and just started working on Yacto-Project.

I have setup my working environment and imx6q-sabreauto board too.


Following are few questions which are not clear to me.

1) Using kernel 3.10.17 can we use USB_OTG functionality.

2) If we can usb USB_OTG as device and peripheral both then which drivers or

configurations would be needed.

3) I have set-up for kernel 3.0.35 where i can use USB-OTG as host as well as Device.

but using kernel 3.10.17 i am not able to do same.

4) There is much change from kernel 3.0.35 to kernel 3.10.17. Lot of files being moved out.


Please provide some inputs on above points.