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MCF54415 USB Host

Question asked by Nitin Kothari on Sep 15, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2014 by Garabo

Hello Geeks,


We have a system using MCF54415 and I am intending to use the USB OTG port as Host.


We took the Tower example project for USB Host. But as the Tower board does not use OTG port for USB Host, I need to make some changes.


I made the following changes in twrmcf54418.h :

    1. Commented       // #define USBCFG_USBOTG_CONNECTOR                         USBCFG_CONNECTOR_ULPI.
    2. Added                    #define USBCFG_USBOTG_CONNECTOR                         USBCFG_CONNECTOR_STANDARD
    3. Commented       // #define USBCFG_DEFAULT_HOST_CONTROLLER            (&_bsp_usb_host_ehci1_if)
    4. Added                   #define USBCFG_DEFAULT_HOST_CONTROLLER            (&_bsp_usb_host_ehci0_if)
    5. Commented       // #define USBCFG_EHCI                                                          1
    6. Added                   #define USBCFG_EHCI                                                          0


I have tested it and it is not working (that is why I am here ).


So all the brainies out there, please help me fixing the issue. Please let me know what and where more changes are to be made.