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The question about  the JTAG_MOD

Question asked by 王剑翰 on Sep 15, 2014
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1,As the above table said, if I don't want use JTAG function, should the JTAG_MOD pin be connected with pull-up resistance? what is the resistance ?

2,I also find there are three different JTAG security modes:

     Mode #1: No Debug-Maximum Security.

     Mode #2: Secure JTAG-High security.

     Mode #3: JTAG Enabled-Low security.

I am puzzled about these. I think the JTAG security modes only can be select by burning the related e-fuses if the JTAG_MOD pin is connected to GND.

If we connect the  JTAG_MOD pin with pull-up resistance, we can not select the mode. Is my understanding right?


If I don't want to use JTAG function, which method will be recommended?


Thank you~!