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Build script of MQX4.1.1 for GCC improvement

Question asked by Gaetan CARLIER on Sep 15, 2014
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May I suggest some imporvements to do on gcc buildscript/Makefile ?

When MQX is debugged using GDB (I use gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_8_3-2014q1 with GDB 7.6.0 as version GCC 4.8.3 seems to be the default version to build MQX 4.1.1), following error occurs:

_timer_create_component (...) at mqx/source/kernel/timer.c:241

(gdb) print KERNEL_TIMER

No symbol "KERNEL_TIMER" in current context.

This is due to optimizations done by GCC (even if optimlization level is set to 0 (-O0)).


By modifying mqx/build/<board>/make/tools/gcc_arm.mak, it is possible to solve this kind of error by replacing "-g2" occurrences by "-ggdb -g3"

After rebuilding all MQX and application, I have this:

_timer_create_component (...) at mqx/source/kernel/timer.c:241

(gdb) print KERNEL_TIMER




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