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Problem in Working of K60DN512Z LED blinking code

Question asked by Amreen Sayyed on Sep 12, 2014
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I am working with K60DN512Z controller using CW 10.3.

I gone through the example code generated by processor expert.

There I observed that the generator configuration is Internal_FLASH or Internal_RAM.


But when I tried new code generated by PE then the generator configuration is FLASH or RAM.

Will it make any difference?


Also I am using multilink to download the LED blinking code.

It is not getting connected to the MCU . Then I disable Flash configuration from cpu setting and now it is getting programmed into the MCU.

But my code is not working(LED is not blinking).


I am not getting what is the reason that the  disabling the Flash configuration code is getting programmed.


Also I tried with JTAG connector(20 pin connector) from multilink.But this is also not working.

I have attached my code for reference.

Please guide me where i am getting wrong.



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