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GPIO interrupt configuration

Question asked by Ashok p on Sep 12, 2014

Hi all,


I am working on IMX6Q based custom board. I am using android kitkat and kernel 3.0.35 (No device tree support)


In my design we are using a PCA9535AHF GPIO expander. The interrupt pin of GPIO expander PCA9535AHF is connected to ENET_TXD1 (GPIO1_IO29) in IMX6. I want to configure ENET_TXD1 (GPIO1_IO29) pin as interrupt (active low level-sensitive) . Please let me know how do i configure ENET_TXD1 (GPIO1_IO29) pin as interrupt.


Another question in board file how do i configure the "irq_base" value in pca953x_platform_data.