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UART DMA unsolicited stop working while transfer huge amount of data

Question asked by Michael Männel on Sep 12, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2014 by igorpadykov

Using kernel 3.0.35-I4.0.0 with ttymxc2 activated RTS/CTS and DMA transfer for HCI communication.


During hcd file download approx. 52,7 kB the transfer stops and dmesg shows "We cannot prepare for the RX slave dma!". In this situation sshd cannot accept any new connections. Active ssh connections are not effected. The sshd seems to be a side effect of broken DMA controller.


Is there a fix available in 3.0.35-I4.1.0? If so, is this fix patchable on 4.0.0?