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problem with spidev on iMX6DL

Question asked by Rafal Wegner on Sep 12, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2014 by alejandrolozano

Hello everybody!


Currently I am trying to enable the spidev driver for the SPI interface on the board with MX6DL working under Linux.On my board I have fpga chip from altera connected to IMX6DL. I have changed configuration file for my board adding:


#define SABREAUTO_ECSPI2_CS0    IMX_GPIO_NR(5, 12)


static int mx6q_sabreauto_spi_cs[] = {





static const struct spi_imx_master mx6q_sabreauto_spi_data __initconst = {

    .chipselect = mx6q_sabreauto_spi_cs,

    .num_chipselect = ARRAY_SIZE(mx6q_sabreauto_spi_cs),



I have changed existing m25p32_spi0_board_info struct to use spidev:


static struct spi_board_info m25p32_spi0_board_info[] __initdata = {


        /* The modalias must be the same as spi device driver name */

        .modalias    = "spidev",

        .max_speed_hz    = 70000000,

        .bus_num    = 1,

        .chip_select    = 0,

        .mode = SPI_MODE_0,




static void spi_device_init(void)






spi_device_init function is called inside mx6_board_init after:


imx6q_add_ecspi(1, &mx6q_sabreauto_spi_data);


The result is that I don't see entry in /dev eg. /dev/spidevx.y as I would expect.

No matter how I change configuration of my board I always see entries /dev/spi-0 to /dev/spi-4 - don't know what it is.


$ find -name '*spi*'


























Additional information: I am using kernel 3.0.35, added in LTIB SPI suppport: "Freescale i.MX SPI controllers" and "User mode SPI device driver support".


Does anyone knows what am I doing wrong or what is missing in my configuration?


Thank in advance

Best regards