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WiFi/BT Module for SABRE Board

Question asked by Kenji Uchida on Sep 11, 2014

We are using MCIMX6Q-SDP SABRE board with i.MX6 Quad with two cores intentionally disabled. We know that the standard WiFi/BT module for SABRE has SDIO interface and that with such module BT HSP/HFP is not supported by the Android BSP. The reason we suspect is that SDIO does not have the audio (PCM?) route to the module. Another possibility is that Android BSP itself does not support HSP/HFP.



I would like to know if anyone has succeeded in using BT HSP/HFP on this board. If this is the case, please let me know which WiFi/BT module is used and how the (Android) BSP is customized (if it was necessary).



Thank you in advance.

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