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Question asked by Kenny Koller on Sep 11, 2014
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I've taken the webserver example and modified it somewhat for my needs. There is a task that starts RTCS and the HTTP server and both start just fine. At the end of the original example code a call to _task_block() is made. Due to my rearrangement of things none of the variables--like the parameters passed to the HTTP server start function--are on the stack so I thought I could remove _task_block() and let that task expire. However now I get the MQX_UNHANDLED_INTERRUPT when I try to connect to the server from a browser.


I tried using _int_install_expected_isr() but it does seem to want to print anything. Breaking in that routines shows vector 3 which I need to look up.


If interrupts are installed by the routines that configure and start the network are they somehow uninstalled if that task expires? Since the TCP/IP and HTTP tasks are spawned from this "boot" task why can't it go away?