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lwip port FRDM64

Question asked by Edriano Araujo on Sep 10, 2014
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I am trying to port lwip stack into a new project. without RTOS.

i was able to solve many inclusion problems. but this time i am getting this problem.


/* For a totally minimal and standalone system, we provide null    definitions of the sys_ functions. */ typedef u8_t sys_sem_t; typedef u8_t sys_mutex_t; typedef u8_t sys_mbox_t;


conflicting types for 'sys_mutex_t'sys.h/frdm64f_new/Sources/lwip/src/include/lwipline 46C/C++ Problem
conflicting types for 'sys_sem_t'sys.h/frdm64f_new/Sources/lwip/src/include/lwipline 45C/C++ Problem
conflicting types for 'sys_mbox_t'sys.h/frdm64f_new/Sources/lwip/src/include/lwipline 47C/C++ Problem

Ok i understand that there is a conflict. but i can not find what would be this conflict. this does not occur at the sample project.

But i am not using that specific project. As i am trying to built the stack in my project.