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Webserver demo to c plus plus

Question asked by Lee Penn on Sep 10, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2014 by Lee Penn

Hi all,


     Have an application I have to convert to c++ compiler due to GCC and PEG. We are using CW 10.6 and MQX 4.1. Have made the changes to MQX Libraries and code seems to work all but webserver, have added C++ ifdef to the ipcfg.h, httpsrv.h, and httpsrv_supp.h, and I am getting undefined reference to `cgi_lnk_tbl'. I have imported the cplus example moved the code from the http server example and get the same error, C:/Freescale/APM_4_1/rtcs/examples/httpsrv/httpdsrv.c:249: undefined reference to `cgi_lnk_tbl'.

     Not sure where to look as when I click go to reference it goes right to the struct definition in the rtcs library.