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How to Decrease the write time for SD card FATFs?

Question asked by Amit Kumar on Sep 10, 2014
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I am using K60 100 Mhz uc with cw10.6. I want to write around 50 bytes of data 50 times a second. using FATFs PE component. I am writing the data to the file using fwrite function. I noticed It takes around 2.10 ms to write, obviously it is very less but due to this I am not able to get proper 50 Hz writing frequency. some times 49 times the data is written and some times 50 times. Without write command I am able to toggle the GPIO pin and observe that the rest of the program is working properly and data is being stored to the buffer at 50 times a second. on activating write function there is inconsistency in the writing rate.  following is the waveform which i observed during write operation.






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