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We found that the CPUID=0x410cc600 is all the same in MKM and MKE series chips, can any unique ID be used for distinguishing these two different families?

Question asked by Jamie Chen on Sep 9, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2014 by Kerry Zhou

Dear Freescale Support,


We're implementing the flash programmer for Freescale chips and we expect to find an unique ID to learn different micro-controllers.

Previously we use the CPUID for checking different Freescale chip families, but recently we found that the CPUID is not global unique in Freescale.

We see that the CPUID=0x410cc600 will be the same between the Freescale chip MKM14Z128 and chip MKE04Z. So we cannot use it as our unique checking for the implementation.

Can you suggest a way to use a real unique ID for distinguishing different Freescale chips?


Thanks and Best Regards,

Jamie Chen