Adeneo makes new release (v3.1.1.9) of the Windows Embedded Compact 7 BSP for the i.MX6 platforms

Discussion created by witekio on Sep 9, 2014


The new release brings improvements and some additional features:


  • Enable .cab file support
  • Fixes in Power Management and PCIe
  • Implement new IOMUX support
  • Deliver pre-built binaries
  • Post processor version during boot
  • OAL improvements
  • Power Management improvements
  • Cache Handling improvements
  • Added Multimedia Codec
  • CPU Temp display options
  • Added Dual lite support
  • Autodetect HDMI resolutions
  • Internet Explorer interaction improvements


For more info: sales@adeneo-embedded.com

To download the latest release : http://www.adeneo-embedded.com/Products/Board-Support-Packages/Freescale-i.MX6