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INTERNAL_FLASH config does not work on MCF5233DEMO  in CodeWarrior !!! ???

Discussion created by Oscar Sanz on Sep 12, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2007 by Oscar Sanz
Hi to all;
I'm trying to use INTERNAL_FLASH on CodeWarrior for MCF52233DEMO board, but it does not work.
The same source is working without problems on the RAM config.
I suspect there is something wrong on the linker configuration file but i have not found nothing related on internet, neither this forum, etc..
Does any one have the solution to this problem??
As a guide, the problem can be easilly reproduced from the "hello World" project stationary of Codewarrior.
Do a New project, and run it on RAM -> no problem will appear, change to INTERNAL_FLASH and the problem will appear:  "Exception vector name: Address Error".
Thank you in advance.
Oscar Sanz.