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How to use EIM for i.MX6DL/Solo

Question asked by George Fukutomi on Sep 8, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2014 by George Fukutomi

Dear all,


Please let me know about how to use EIM of i.MX6 DL/Solo


The page 1036 in a reference manual ( )

About the function of bit23 (AUS) in 22.9.1 Chip Select n General Configuration Register 1 (EIM_CSnGCR1)


a)  in the case of  DSZ =  001 : 16 bit port resides on DATA[15:0]

                                 or  010 : 16 bit port resides on DATA[31:16]



b)  in the case of  DSZ =  011 : 32 bit port resides on DATA[31:0]



Is my understanding correct?


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