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uboot nand max oob size

Question asked by Jai Ganesh on Sep 8, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2014 by Jai Ganesh

Hi all,

          We are using custom board based on iMX6 quad which has 4GB NAND flash connected in raw NAND inteface. We used two kinds of chips (one whose OOB size is 512 bytes in some boards and one whose OOB size is 774 bytes in other boards). We are able to bringup the NAND chip whose OOB size is 512 bytes. But for the other NAND flash whose OOB size is 774 bytes, we are unable to bring it up. When trying to do nand read in uboot, it hangs [NOTE: This nand flash is working fine in linux kernel level].


          I would like to know, if any one out there, has accessed NAND flash chip whose OOB size is greater than 512 in uboot and if so, is there any patch available for the same?





1.From the uboot source code, I saw "MXS_NAND_CHUNK_DATA_CHUNK_SIZE" in the file "drivers/mtd/nans/mxs_nand.c" is set to 512 and I am getting the following message when trying to do nand read

               we do not support the NAND whose OOB size islarger then 512 bytes!

          and then it hangs


2.I tried changing the macro ""MXS_NAND_CHUNK_DATA_CHUNK_SIZE" to 774, but still it hangs.




Jai Ganesh