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VPU file-play mode on iMX6?

Question asked by Tamas Selmeci on Sep 8, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2014 by Tamas Selmeci

Hello all!


I've been using my iMX6Solo/Dual for a while with my video decoder program which directly uses the VPU API calls (e.g. vpu_DecOpen(...) and so on). The encoded frames must be passed to VPU's ringbuffer, and then VPU takes care of the data. However, it would be beneficial for me if I could use VPU a bit different way. Can VPU operate so that I only pass exactly one encoded frame and VPU decodes it, this way I can avoid using the ringbuffer approach? It's something that is called "file-play" mode in Freescale terminology, isn't it? Unfortunately I haven't found any sources in Freescale documentation that file play mode can work on my iMX6.


Is there any way to avoid the need to use VPU ringbuffer, just simply passing the encoded frame and have VPU decode it? Or am I sticked to use the ringbuffer approach only?