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Bug: must build twice after PE change in KDS

Question asked by Paul DeRocco on Sep 6, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2014 by Paul DeRocco

Using KDS 1.1.1. When I change something in any PE component, and wait for the status line in the bottom right to settle down, pressing the Build button doesn't notice the change, so it says "make: nothing to be done for `all'." I have to press it again to get it to rebuild all the generated code and then do a proper make.


If I'm in a Debug perspective and I terminate the session to change something in any PE component, the Debug button does the same thing, but even terminating the session again and pressing Debug again doesn't seem to work. I have to go back to the C/C++ perspective.


Codewarrior didn't have this problem, so this may be a KDS issue.