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Wrong ADC1_BASE in MK22F51212.h?

Question asked by Marco Hess on Sep 5, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2014 by Pascal Irrle

I am using a FRDM_K22 board which has I think an MK22F51212 device.


I am having some trouble with the eDMA on ADC1 running into errors. I init the eDMA source address with &ADC0->R[0] and &ADC1->R[0].


I now noted that while the ADC0 base address seems correct, the base address for ADC1 in the MK2251212.h header file is different from what is described in the reference manual.


My project (as started from a demo project in the KSDK and configured for a FRDM_K22 seems to include the header file platform/CMSIS/Include/device/MK22F51212/MK22F511212.h which defines the ADC1 base address as:


#define ADC1_BASE                                (0x40027000u)


while the K22 Sub-Family Reference Manual specifies:


0x400B_B000 for ADC1 (Page 161)


Is this a bug or am I looking in the wrong places?