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Gstreamer is not able to play audio stream

Question asked by Venkatesh M on Sep 5, 2014
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     I am trying to intergrate wifi display (or Miracast ) on imx6Q SDP board with ubuntu.My Nexus 4 phone sends data in MPEGTS container,  which consist h264 video and AAC audio, for playing that I am using gstreamer-0.10.35 .My pipeline is


     pipeline = gst_parse_launch ("udpsrc port=1028 caps=\"application/x-rtp\" ! gstrtpptdemux  ! decodebin name=demux demux. ! queue  max-size-time=0 max-size-buffers=0 max-size-bytes=0  ! ffmpegcolorspace ! mfw_v4lsink sync=false async=false demux. !  audioconvert ! alsasink sync=false async=false",NULL);


    decodebin is able to detect two tracks one for audio and one for video(kindly check below log), but it is not able to play audio most of the times.


     Movie Info:

    Seekable  : No

    Live      : Yes

    Duration  : 0:00:00.000000000

    ReadMode  : File

    AutoRetimestamp: 2000ms

    programs    : 1

    Track     : 2


0:00:18.833943341 16507   0x2bca38 INFO               aiurdemux aiurdemux.c:2744:aiurdemux_parse_video: Create video pad video_0011011

Track 00 [video_0011011] Enabled

    ppid: 1, ppid 4113

    Duration: 0:00:00.000000000

    Language: und


          video/x-h264, parsed=(boolean)true, width=(int)1280, height=(int)720, framerate=

          (fraction)30/1, codec_data=(buffer)0000016742c01fe900a00b7403c2211a8000

Track 01 [audio_0011100] Enabled

    ppid: 1, ppid 4352

    Duration: 0:00:00.000000000

    Language: und


          audio/mpeg, mpegversion=(int)4, channels=(int)2, rate=(int)48000, bitrate=(int)1

          30500, framed=(boolean)true