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Changing ADC Channel & Enabling PGA

Question asked by mnelson on Sep 4, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2014 by Jiri Chvatik

Hi Everyone,


I'm using a MK10DX256 and have two questions related to enabling the PGA.


1) The Reference Manual states that to use the PGA, you must be on ADC channel DAD2 (ADCH = 00010). I've been hunting through processor expert and I have been unable to find where I can specify the actual channel used by the ADC component. When I dig through the generated code, the value I need changed exists in the AdcLdd1.c file in the ChannelToPin table. By default, it sets the ADCH to 0. I can manually change this to 2 (DAD2) but of course this gets overwritten every time I re-generate my code. Does anyone know how to set this value through PE?


I've tried setting it programmatically after the ADC is initialized, however the generated ISR always re-sets the value after every ISR call.


2. How do I enable the PGA through processor expert? From my looking, it doesn't look like PE supports this yet. I've been able to manually enable it, so it's not a huge issue problem (besides getting the channel set correctly).