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Encode frames with vpu directly from framebuffer

Question asked by Alexander Shashkevych on Sep 4, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2014 by Eric Nelson


I have a task to broadcast an x11 desktop as h264 stream, but desktop capturing is terribly slow on fullhd utilizing only x11 api. As a workaround I want to point vpu directly on framebuffer:


  1. get fb_info with ioctl()
  2. mmap() fb
  3. pass fb pointer to vpu.


Will this work and I'll have best possible performance or I'll get problems?


PS: I'm using custom wandboard implementation with ubuntu 13.10, my xorg.conf is pretty usual: vivante driver and /dev/fb0 as framebuffer. GLX and EGL are functional, so graphic stack seems ok. Or if you have any ideas how x11 capturing can be improved - please share them.