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DSC MC56F8357 External memory access problem

Question asked by tshah on Sep 3, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2014 by tshah

Hello community people,


I'm working on integrating external data RAM as well as Program flash with the DSC MC56F8357. I use CW 8.0 version for the external memory development. I'm facing problem to map the external memory to the external RAM even though I mapped the address of the data memory correctly as per the memory mapping details. I use CPU properties to configure or initialise the external memory for data RAM as well as external program Flash. I connected the /DS to the data RAM and /PS to the Program flash.


Now I'm trying to make the external RAM as my data RAM but its not working even though its configured through CPU properties - > External memory Buses enabled


My Current project Settings are given below for your references. I have attached the memory interface also for your reference.


Program Memory - Internal

Data Memory - External

Initialise OMR - Yes. (Tried with yes and No )


Kindly help me to make the external memory up and running.  All your comments and guidelines/notes are most welcome.