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MKL05Z8VFK4 Pin Interrupt Question

Question asked by LI_Dave on Sep 3, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2014 by David Lundquist

I may have made a false assumption on the ability of mapping interrupts to pin state changes on this part.  I'd like to clarify this as soon as possible.


Some of the language in chapter 11 of the reference manual on Port Control and Interrupts implies that ANY port pin can be configure to generate an interrupt on edge or level.  I'm beginning to see this does not seem to be the case.  Using Processor Expert under KDS, I only seem to be able to create interrupt events for the pins which have the an "IRQ_X" in the pin name or alternate function.  This is only about half the total GPIO count.


Unfortunately I have a board with a signal routed to PTA6/LLWU_P2 that I was hoping to use as an interrupt source.  I do see that it is a LLWU source which seems a little strange for it to be able to wake up the device, but not cause an interrupt.


I do have other free IRQ pins but it will take some re-work to make this happen if I have no way to create an IRQ on this pin.  The action I need to take will all begin with a wake up so another possibility is that I can just have the wake up trigger the event.


If anyone can confirm the lack of an interrupt capability on PTA6/LLWU_P2 I can at least confirm I need to try other paths.