Juan Antonio Medina Guerrero

Problem CODEWARRIOR + USB-TAP + MPC8349E-mitx-GP

Discussion created by Juan Antonio Medina Guerrero on Sep 12, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2007 by Dumitru Negrea
I am currently working on MPC8349E-mitx-GP board. I tried to change to the operating frequency with the code of the guide of user of the board (MPC8349EMITXGPUG page 26) but the system has not returned to start.
I have tried to reprogramar the flash with USB-TAP + Codewarrior following the instructions. I can erase the flash and program invalid data (not verify).

I have seen that the board has an EON memory and it isnt available in CodeWarrior.

Please HELP