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S12XEP100: reducing power consumption

Question asked by BP HU on Sep 1, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2014 by BP HU


      I am using the s12xep100, fbus = 40MHZ,  fosc = 8Mhz, When in the pstop mode ,its consumption is about 20ma,

      And if i reduce fbus from 40mhz to 8mhz by setting SYNR register . the current reduced to 14ma in the pstop mode .

      can i just switch off the PLL model in pstop mode  and start the PLL mode when wake up ?  I tried the PLLSEL = 0 and PLLON = 0 instructions, but it doesn't affect  the current;

      according to the AN3289 and s12xep100 datasheet, the pstop mode's consumption (API , RTI ,COM enabled, PLL off, LCP mode) is about 274uA !!

      And I have set all the unoccupied GPIO as input and pull-up or pull-down. it do reduced a little .


Thank you~