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68HC908AS/AZ + USB-ML-MON08 + CW for MCU

Question asked by Regis Wernet on Sep 1, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2014 by Regis Wernet

Hello everybody,

We are trying to prepare a development environment for a 68HC908AS/AZ CPU.

New to Freescale, we are wondering what kind of hardware and software we need.

We have selected USB-ML-MON08 as programmer/debugger, and we are wondering if CodeWarrior for MCU would be compatible to compile, load and debug software ?

We have looked at v6.3 and v10.6 and we have questions on both :

   - is v6.3 compatible with Multilink MON08 Rev C ?

   - can v10.6 help program HC08 CPUs (we haven't found them in any list) ?

Thanks in advance