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About reboot of P1010 CPU

Question asked by masaaki uno on Sep 1, 2014
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When rebooting P1010, hardware carries out the following.

1.P1010 asserts a HRESET_REQ signal.

2.If HRESET_REQ is asserted, HRESET_B will be asserted in a circuit and the signal will be inputted to P1010.

3.If a HRESET_B signal is asserted, P1010 will negate a HRESET_REQ signal.
It is above.

However, there was a case where it did not operate normally after reboot even if it performs the above.

I attach the file which showed timing.

I think that there is the cause when HRESET_B is asserted immediately, after HRESET_REQ is asserted.
Although regulation of the timing of a HRESET_REQ signal and HRESET_B considers not being written to a datasheet by it, is it right?
Are there any other factors?


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