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iMX31 - unable to apply patch (patch-redboot-200712-base.bz2 to ecos_20050912.tar.gz

Question asked by Sanjeev Gopalan on Sep 11, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2007 by Sivakumar R.J.
 I have installed imx31-ads-20070511-rel4-ltib.iso on Linux PC (fedora Core 6) and i am having problems with installing redboot source code for imx31ADS.
I have followed all instructions as per the redboot user guide pdf and while applying
patch-redboot-200712-base.bz2 to untarred ecos_20050912 source code, the patch fails for some files.
Let me know is there any thing i need to take care while installing redboot for imx31ADS on linux Host PC.
Earlier i tried with rel3 and i got the same problem.
Please suggest.
Is it that i need apply the rej patch manually or is there any other patch for the base that will work on ecos

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